Ladies Day Kinsale

For all the ladies out there. Time for time out with you friends whether it is a birthday celebration or any life celebration, we organise everything from start to finish to create a completely unique experience. Whether you are looking for day event or weekend event, we manage the full Ladies day experience. Expect a ladies day full of afternoon tea, champagne, spa and retail therapy with a mixture of adventure.

Accommodation & transport arranged | day, week, weekend options available | exclusive venues. | 087-1153470

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You don’t need to be a pro surfer maybe your idea of surfing is more paddling boarding or kayaking- that’s cool too!

This is a half day or day water experience with a choice of surfing, paddle boarding or kayaking experiences ending with a dining experience and if wanted an evening of music madness in one of our Hush Kinsale venues. This is all tailored to your needs and a truly unique experience.

Suits group or corporate bookings | Transport and accommodation arranged | | 087- 1153470

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Sail away on the waters to a hushkinsale venue where we will experience a spot of sailing, sip champagne, savour oysters and enjoy a seafeast. A fantastic experience for a full or half day that includes sailing and lunch and dinner tailored to your requirements.

Suits group or corporate bookings over 7 people | Great Half day exclusive event option

Book: OR 087- 1153470

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Are you an Art & Photography Fanatic? Mix your weekend with a slice of Kinsale art’s culture. come join us for an Arts + Culture #hushkinsale trail through Kinsale meeting renowned photographers and artists of Kinsale. Starting with a glass of bubbles, slowly immerse yourself with a guided tour into the talented art world of Kinsale with an introduction to some of our Irish Artists. Why not make a weekend out of it? Couple this with our BIA BEAG and MusicMadness experiences also to make it a great weekend!

Bookings: / Tel: +353 (87) 115-3470

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WILDWALK through Kinsale. This is not like hiking up Everest but through the coastal route of Kinsale and it’s astonishing views. Starting central Kinsale we wander up in to unseen territory’s with the most spectacular views across Kinsale and beyond. We then finish our walk (circa 6km) with a yummy bowl of chowder and plenty of Guinness in one of the most Iconic eateries in Kinsale.




Music TRIBE kinsale is a great way to enjoy a variety of live music in Kinsale but also discover all the hidden gems and locals of Kinsale. Guaranteed fun and great way to see Kinsale in a musical Light. and enjoy the nightlife of Kinsale. Ideal for Groups and visitors to Kinsale

om+nom KINSALE

om+nom, a #hushkinsale pop-up by The Kinsale Experience Company will be an hour of wellbeing in Kinsale. The aim of the bitesize Om+Nom is to guide you in practices, rituals and routines that can continue through our everyday life through massage with our qualified sports and massage therapists. This is a perfect mini timeout. It's all about taking that little bit of time out for you whilst you are in Kinsale.

Bookings: 087 1153470 |

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CYCLE Kinsale

Enjoy the windy roads and discover the hidden gems of Kinsale. A fun packed cycle with a guide bringing groups across Kinsale, just that bit quicker. No better way to see and taste Kinsale on land. Ideal for corporate or group bookings over 7 and watch out for our weekly pop-ups! To enquire 087-1153470




Whatever we want to call it. Basically a weekend of fun and Adventure. organises everything from start to finish. A mix of Land & Sea, Food & Drinks and Arts&Culture

Contact us to organise a tailored weekend in Kinsale so you can enjoy the important stuff… FUN

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