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The Kinsale Experience Company was simply born from my own love for Kinsale & my passion for creating unique events and experiences.


I love Kinsale! If I am honest, Kinsale is probably one of the only places in the world I truly feel at home. I believe we all have that one place. I relocated back to Ireland (officially a repatriate!) Christmas 2016. Having spent many years in London working in the corporate space (Hays, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Speak ) where relationship management, events, bringing people together and production were a big part of my role and then running my own business where creating employee and client entertainment events were the primary part, I really wanted to translate this experience to Kinsale.

I saw a unique opportunity to build experiences and manage events for sporting and corporates, group parties and life celebrations parties who want to spend time in Kinsale but essentially have that one point of contact to bring it all together. We are passionate about mixing experiences together bespoke to you and adding that bit of edge by unveiling the hidden gems of Kinsale at the same time creating excellence. 

We have now a fantastic team who are consistently exciting visitors to Kinsale with a whole new experience by being bespoke, localised and completely unique.

The Kinsale Experience works with sporting events, golf tours, corporate events, conferences, tour groups and Life celebrations & weddings to ensure that their time in Kinsale is truly a memorable one.